We can offer an Ordinary Maintenance service on installed racking systems.

This service is regulated according to the normative UNI EN 15635:2009 “Iron static storage system – Utilization and maintenance of stored equipment”.

These services include periodic checks of the structure to ensure the absence of any imperfection, damage or breakage which would prejudice reliability or safety.

All checks are carried out according to the scheduled due dates and which have been entered on the record card.

Effecting a programmed maintenance on the racking fixtures is essential to prevent dangerous situations which can provoke accidents, personal injury and impede the interruption of daily activities by optimizing warehouse facilities.


Safety is our priority

Safety is our greatest consideration during installation and to this end all our installers have a rigorous safety training.

We are able to work with Client personnel at their workplace in order to guarantee a safe working environment, a precise handling of the warehoused goods up to the final inspection and approval.


Together with our professional racking installation services, MONTING Srl offers a total support for your project.

We can help you to choose suitable racking options and receive all the necessary certifications.

To find out more about why MONTING Srl is not just a first-class installation company, but also a company offering a total support and maintenance programme to many existing clients, contact us via mail.

Programmed inspections

Programmed inspections avoid:

1) Personal injury

2) Damage to materials

3) Interruption of production

4) Loss of operational activities and ensuing related costs

5) Criminal proceedings against the Client (Purchaser) for not having effected a proper and correct maintenance

Anti-seismic racking fixtures

Following enforcement of D:M: 14.01.2008, all structures assembled throughout Italy must guarantee an adequate resistance to withstand the effects of earthquakes.

Together with our partner we can offer certified shelving systems of any type.

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